All our services pertain to Unix like operating systems only. Our preferred choice is Linux. We currently do not provide any services related to Windows.

If you are interested, you can send us an email to discuss your requirements.

Some of our notable services:

Web development

  1. Website development (Python, Django)
  2. REST api development (Python, Django)

Web security

  1. Automated letsencrypt integration (shared or dedicated server).

Data collection & analysis

  1. Web scraping (scrapy, phantomjs, selenium)

Python development

  • Anything that runs in command line or runs as a service.

Software packaging

  1. Debian/Ubuntu packaging and or Launchpad setup.


  1. Automated build/test scripting
  2. Low volume build and release

Amazon automation

  1. Automated stock control maintenance (only with our in-house stock control system).
  2. AWS setup